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25 Responses to “FIFA 13 TV Ad | JOIN THE CLUB”

  1. James O says:

    Getting goosebumps watching this again. One of my favourite ads.

  2. KidDaMi3N says:

    Probably the most influencial ad that EA Sports has made for Fifa.
    Definitely made me spend my cash. Too bad the game wasn’t as good as the

  3. Matthew Payton says:

    great AD.

  4. sportsgames07 says:

    thanku sir

  5. CarlBN says:

    rooney isn’t in FIFA ads? Poor guy, he won’t be enjoying watch himself on
    the cover this year while injured

  6. IIG123 says:

    What the fuck? This has nothing to do with illuminati! The symbol is a
    triangle with an eye in it, I don’t see any fucking triangle. I don’t get
    why people want to ruin the game before it even comes out…

  7. Matthewizhere says:

    Ive heard that fifa 13 is so realistic.. You can Actully Pass with Robben

  8. Filipe Felício says:

    fifa ou pes?

  9. max cv says:

    obviously that the first soccer player to appear was messi because he´s the
    best the best in the woooorld…in my opinion

  10. CG1baper says:

    U mad?

  11. OrangeBox says:

    Something call description?

  12. Jazszzz says:

    Because EA have this kinda deal with PlayStation.. Kinda like Call of Duty
    has with Xbox. Haven’t you realized this in the past 4 or 5 FIFA games lol.

  13. Adel Gavranovic says:

    0:50 , “Annoying friend receives 2 hour suspension” lol

  14. Ovi Wan says:

    add me PSN : Ovidel07

  15. Fazioenterprise says:

    how am i oblivious, im pointing out the hidden symbolism that is in the
    video, its no coincidence when that kind of symbolism is used

  16. Kelly S says:

    I have fifa 13

  17. IiSmith Béla says:

    My favorite consol game.thumbs up!

  18. TabBobby says:

    yea right …its just a game at the end of the day most of us only play to
    have fun for 30- 60min and play teams that dont normally play each other

  19. borabora245 says:

    I am from Turkey and I say Fuck ilimunatiyi

  20. Aren . says:


  21. JacketFeet says:

    Wow a Triangle! My maths teacher showed me that today, He MUST be

  22. bogdandanrapid says:

    What is the name of the song?

  23. XBLMagpie1991 says:

    That’s really retarded.

  24. TheHawkeyBoy says:

    It shows the Camp Nou which isn’t in FIFA 13…surely that’s false

  25. xSathya96x says: