Ennis scores on an amazing no-look backhand shot

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  1. Joffrey Benedict says:

    Redditor and cyber athlete here. This isn’t really that impressive when you
    consider the 360 noscope I pulled off yesterday in Call of Duty. I wasn’t
    even wearing skates. *tips fedora*

    – Joffrey Benedict,
    Reddit Gold user and intellectual atheist

  2. John DelBasso says:

    Redditor here,

    I find it hard to believe mindless jocks still watch this trite. Such
    barbarous activities are frowned upon over at reddit.com. An intellectually
    stimulating discussion about atheism and the perils of Christianity is my
    sport. The only muscle I need to exercise is my brain.

    -Reddit gold user, enlightened atheist, 148 IQ

  3. Christian Tipling says:

    Hockey is such a boring sport compared to the NBA, the only reason people
    watch it is because the fans are racist and want a whites only league. The
    so called professionals are so fat and out of shape they can only play 3
    quarters! The net is much larger than in Basketball yet they can only
    score 2-3 goals a game, SMH at their ‘skill’. They are lucky true athletes
    like Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’neal are in the NBA not the NHL, or it
    would be lights out for those scrawny white boys!

    Christian Tipling
    Reddit Moderator on r/NBA

  4. Alvin Ainsworth says:

    While that is a nominal achievement for a sports player, you may recall
    that science landed on a comet recently LOL. But of course, none of that
    makes the sportscenter top 10 :/

  5. Dylen Durret says:

    No look? Obviously the announcers aren’t red pillers, nor can they spot
    alpha tells. Ennis was looking directly into the eyes of a 21 year old
    beauty in the crowd, in that split second he seduced her and caused her to
    feel a tingle in her 5-hole region with his alpha athlete dominance.

    Dylen Durret, /r/TheRedPill moderator, former zamboni driver

  6. Cornelius Sinatra Jr. says:

    Redditor here. It’s always amusing to me how commoners and lowly plebeians
    can be entertained and amused by such a savage sport. You slave away at
    your 9 to 5 workplace only to come home and worship higher-status jocks who
    are paid millions to shoot a puck. Why are you a fan? Even if your “team”
    wins you won’t be in the locker room celebrating with them. As an Atheist
    and an intellectual, this is why I prefer the finer things in life such as
    PC gaming and My Little Pony. I don’t fill the empty void in my life as a
    spectator of playground activities, but instead as a philosopher and a

    Cornelius Sinatra, Mensa Member, Atheist, Brony, LGBT Activist, Feminist,
    Nietzschean, Anime Enthusiast

  7. laconic151 says:

    Reddit users; 3000 times more likely to be killed by a hockey player.

    List of known fagdoras:
    Boon McDarvish
    Big Booty Smasher
    Christian Tipling
    John DelBasso
    Chester McGinty
    Joffrey Benedict
    STEM Sam
    Grey Spears
    Cornelius Sinatra Jr.
    Gary Turner
    Snoop Doge
    Taylor Trilby

  8. Aidan Hausner says:

    Sucks his talent is being wasted on the Sabres.

  9. ToxiVideo says:

    1.Highlight the numbers
    2.Press Ctrl+F
    3.Press 9
    4.Read the message

  10. Sir William Bowlerton, Esq. says:

    Oh look at all the plebeians who are wasting their life skating on
    solidified water. I have just won my 9000th internet debate, and just got
    my Ph.d in Atheism. They skate. I debate. You can see who the better
    person is.

    -Fedora’d Gentlesir, High Warlord of the Reddit Horde, moderator of

  11. BmanHasSnipes says:

    What are all these reddit bullshitters doing here? Get the hell out if you
    don’t want to see some hockey haha

  12. skatesomerset says:

    Hey everyone, move out of my way!
    I am a reddit user and thus way way more important than anyone of you
    sniffling, insufferable fools on here. My IQ exceeds that of Einstein and I
    cannot possibly see how sports could be entertaining, fun, exciting or
    Despite all this I still can’t talk to people in real life, don’t have a
    job, or any friends for that matter. Not to worry though I still have my
    reddit gold and heightened self importance.

  13. - TheBeastFrenchie - says:

    Price WTF?

  14. Rotten Begotten Hellhound says:

    Redwings are still the best team in hockey.

  15. Tom Ato says:

    Is this like a new fad I missed or something? What the hell is all this
    “redditor” stuff?

  16. Mike Pesackis says:

    As a ‘Canes fan, it feels pretty awkward posting a Sabres highlight . . .
    but I have a lot of respect for this guy’s highlight-reel effort!

  17. powermetaladdict says:

    Don’t worry people …..”Redditor here” comments are all trolls. Please
    do not feed them on hockey vids, I did and I regret. If we DON’T FEED them
    on hockey vids, chances are we won’t have to deal with them in future vids.


  18. Joe Lupano says:

    This is a very interesting comment section we have. Reddit trolls vs hockey
    fans. I love it.

  19. Peregrine Boothroyd IV says:

    Redditor here,

    This “sportball” is for the weak of mind! Why it was only yesterday that I
    woed a group of m’ladies by using my intellectual strength to win an
    argument about how the true alpha male never plays sports, but instead
    looks upon the males of lesser talent waste their useless energy on the

    -Fedorama convention organizer, moderator of /r/TwoXChromosomes

  20. TimeLady8 says:

    That’s my Sabres!

    Looks like all the Reddit Trolls are out in force. Comparing a physically
    impressive shot to computer games. How many of you guys can even stand on
    skates? Never mind being able to handle a puck at the same time. It ain’t

  21. Collin Ashby says:

    Best goals of the year so far.

    1. Tarasenkos one hander
    2. Griffith
    4.tarasenkos goal against nj

  22. Zach Carlson says:

    What is up with these stupid motherfuckers in the comments trying to be
    trolls?? Get a life.

  23. Carloman M says:

    The words “immigration”, “tolerance” and “assimilation” are being used to
    PROMOTE a program of geNOcide against White children.

    According to International Law, open borders, FORCED integration, and
    assimilation is GENOCIDE.
    Except they don’t call it GENOCIDE when it’s done to White children.
    Then they call it “multiculturalism.”
    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  24. STEM Sam says:

    Oh yes, let’s all spend our time putting plastic into rope instead of
    actually contributing to humanity. If these men were to don the cape of
    Science, they would make far more of an impact than they do wasting their
    time on this “sport”. They could learn a lot on Reddit.com, where we
    actually value intellectualism as opposed to brutalism.

  25. PCUser013 says:

    Where are the fags from /r/montageparodies when you need them to mock “360