Emile Heskey Amazing Shot. ( Must Watch )

Movie Ranking: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Emile Heskey Amazing Shot. ( Must Watch )”

  1. Aaronator Gaming says:


  2. Kári Víðisson says:

    it was the winds foult!

  3. Alcatraz DaPrison says:

    was always a shitty player still stayed shit…shit shit shit heskey

  4. Haris Towheed says:

    That shot tho

  5. Anthony Frade says:

    I die of laughter even after the 1000th time.

  6. Amit B says:

    This vid is a classic.

  7. xSkiillz HD - MW2 Hacks CFG says:

    This is a amazing shoot !!!

  8. Barcelona Cookie says:

    omg what a hit 

  9. bram240790 says:

    lol soccer memes brought me here..whatta head shot

  10. cabs85 says:

    hit, what a hit

  11. pritzi101 says:

    I went on this thinking: Well that’s an oxymoron. Oh… ohh… yep, that’s
    more like it.

  12. Lewis Bailey says:

    can’t wait to see this sort of play in the A-League!!!!!

  13. Gordo Galb says:

    What a gun

  14. nilssen123 says:


  15. dansta7100 says:

    angry bitch LOL

  16. oCharlesbroo says:

    ok and yeah its an amazing shot haha

  17. Radoslav Yakimov says:

    Second announcer is Gerrard goal vs Panathinaykos

  18. swali2 says:


  19. AustraliaFootball says:

    Hey bro, could you share my facebook page ‘The guy above me if fucking shit
    at football’ Thanks?!

  20. monstersocks72 says:

    I laughed so hard a little bit of piss came out

  21. Dan MUFC says:

    Wasn’t even shortlisted for the Ballon D’or, as the world gone mad?

  22. CRRPGNAP says:

    Why thank you Now lets stop arguing about this shitz and enjoy Heskey

  23. CRRPGNAP says:

    I’m an asian…. We may not have such good players at the present – but the
    youth? Barcelona have signed a 12-year-old Japanese “Messi”. England youth
    may be good as well such as Alex Oxlade Chambelain, and all that – but
    football in Asia is growing rapidly day by day. English youth is also
    growing, but it may not be as strong as Asian youth. Terry and Lampard may
    be English who have won the c.league, but don’t forget – Chelsea’s squad is
    mostly filled with foreigners – mainly Portuguese

  24. nowheredisaster says:

    I love the “OOOOOOH YOU BEAUTY!!!”

  25. logitech2010100 says: