Avery Bradley Sinks the AMAZING Behind-the-Backboard Shot

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24 Responses to “Avery Bradley Sinks the AMAZING Behind-the-Backboard Shot”

  1. kietasss says:

    celtics have the worst commentators ever

  2. Mount King says:


  3. Pea Nut says:

    that is A-very hard shot

  4. FraTosten says:

    che culo

  5. Sodafye says:

    Reminds me of Lebron’s a while back

  6. WheresmyCucumber . says:

    Incredible coordination, body-strength, composure and luck.. 

  7. KDaq Cle says:

    when someone makes a shot like that you know that ur meant to lose that

  8. kontube13 says:

    Commentators have no energy and enthusiasm! 

  9. SneakerHead ToToes says:


  10. Christian Doll says:

    2 dislikes I bet the most excitement that those 2 kids get everyday is when
    they’re finger rips through the toilet paper when they’re cleaning they’re
    own asses

  11. atul pinheiro says:

    We usually don’t do this…but can you please teach us that one? 

  12. Daniel Peji says:

    That’s AVERY tough shot. 

  13. wongalvin213 says:

    Gerald Wallace is not impressed

  14. Wrestle Maniac says:

    Holy shit. Did anyone just watched the sixers vs magic game? Two triple
    doubles both by rooks!!!

  15. Tamirlan Kussainov says:

    Леброн отдыхает)

  16. Will Mears says:

    i was at this game

  17. arkioll says:

    oh hello again brandon knight!

  18. NA5TYBL1NDF1R3 says:

    I didn’t pay much attention to the air ball, because the shot made up for
    it. A comment below reminded me lol 

  19. MerkinMuffly says:

    This is a true behind the backboard shot because his foot was in the ft
    lane when he launched the shot like Larry Bird’s, if you look at most of
    the behind the backboard shots, their feet were not in the ft lane when
    they took the shot. 

  20. Pelopidas E says:

    Pause at 0:19 and find someone with a closed mouth!

  21. Drl2Deg says:

    Damn dat boy got skillz

  22. andrewli says:

    all these highlights just gotta be on brandon knight :(

  23. Master4999 says:

    shot of the year so far.

  24. Michael Tilton says:

    What a shot!