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Jan 14

How Web Design Themes should be created

We see the same type of web design coming up repeatedly. Web designs are created according to individual requirements and whims. A website design created for a corporate would be more in line with the theme of the product that particular business is promoting or simply to collude with the whims of the owner. Sometimes web designs are influenced by the creators themselves because they convince the customers to accept their themes quoting the various benefits of its features. It is simply a matter of the heart but here we discuss the important points that essentially make up a web design.

The themes that influence generally would include user needs versus the designer needs, balancing the format and functions, excellence of execution and mixing of innovation with convention.

User-Focused Design

Most designers impose their will and whim on the design of a website without thinking about the user’s preference and likes. This kind of websites becomes unsuccessful overtime because the user after finding the site not fluent abandon it altogether to on to view other such sites. A designer has to pay heed to this factor and design the website according to public demand.

Designed for common use

Some website designs are commonly applied for different websites forcing the user to view the site in a pre-set way which would not allow the user many liberties. These sites are mostly inflexible and restrict users to view the data in a set format making it difficult for the user to interact. These sites would not popular with the same backdrop and the same conditions.

Form and Function

On some sites you will find that the format does not suit its function and vice versa. A site without a proper balance of both would bore the user thus forcing them to leave the site. A balance has to be struck between these two elements so that the web design is conducive for users.